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Violation reporting system

The objective of the violation reporting system is ensuring adherence to legal regulations and internal standards of Traficar Sp. z o.o. The violation reporting system is for Traficar Sp. z o.o. a substantial tool of diagnosing irregularities which may occur in companies. It guarantees full anonymity and the best protection possible to those who want to inform about important matters concerning Traficar Sp. z o.o. Internal investigation is possible after verifying the facts and only in the event of the justified suspicion of the violation occurrence. The system of reporting irregularities does not limit to anonymous channels only. Personal contact is also possible. More information about Compliance is available here

Correspondence address

TRAFICAR spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (Ltd.) with its registered office in Cracow, 7F Puszkarska Street,

Personal service

7F Puszkarska Street Building A | 30-644 Cracow

Anonymous channels

Current Code of Ethics: https://www.holding1.pl/Home/Ethics.