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Mobility which suits you

Traficar is your everyday car without any frustration,
without excessive emotions, without changing your plans.

Our adventure with carsharing started in Cracow in 2016, and today we are the largest company of this type on the Polish market.

We believe in the maximally simplified service without any unnecessary formalities, available whenever you need it!

Download the app, sign up and use Traficar like your own car.

Traficar can be found in the biggest Polish cities, such as Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa, Łódź, Trójmiasto, Szczecin and in their vicinity.

Traficar in numbers

Fleet in Traficar
counts more than

3000 cars

The record-breaker travelled
in Traficar

34 004 km

By using Traficar
you save up on average

500g CO2

The longest
Traficar rent lasted

243 days!

Carsharing is a smart way to travel around the city


You travel cheaply and efficiently, at the same time contributing to the lower number of vehicles in streets.

One carsharing car may replace from 8 to 20 private cars which means cleaner air, free pavements and available parking lots in city centres.

All Traficars satisfy Euro6 standard which, as compared to Euro1, reduces dust emission by more than 96% and nitric oxides and hydrocarbons by 85%.

We take care so that your city is clean and without traffic jams.

Where to go by Traficar?

Outside the city

To the city centre

For shopping

For larger shopping

To work

To your friends


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