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is a piece of cake!

Find a car

In the app map you will see all the cars available in your city, and by means of the filter, which you can find on the right side of the map, you can select a vehicle type which you are interested in – also commercial cars, TrafiCargo, which you will find at such stores as IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Castorama, etc.


After selecting a car and clicking the “Book” press button or the “Book for 24h” button, depending on the offer you chose, you have 15 minutes to reach this car. Within this time, no-one else is allowed to book it. You know that 15 minutes is not enough?
You can use the extension of your booking which is visible on the vehicle card in the app. The booking extension price is the same as the parking price.

Scan the QR code

When you are on site, scan the QR code which is visible on the vehicle windshield or on the window on the driver side and Traficar will open automatically. You have free of charge 5 minutes for preparing for a drive; a card and a car key are placed in the locker or on the car central panel.

Finish your drive

When finishing your rental, put the card or the key in the central panel or locker and leave the car. Click “Terminate the rental” in the app and… that is all. It is a piece of cake, isn’t it?

You do not have an account yet?

Download Traficar app, sign up in the service in less than one minute, fill in your data, verify them and use our car as your own car.

What will you need?

Driving licence

We will ask you for a photo of your driving licence in order to confirm your licence. After passing a data verification process, your document photo will be deleted.

Data verification

After filling your personal data in, verify them by means of your bank account. For this purpose, we will charge PLN 0.01.

Payment card

The final step is attaching your bank card to your account in order to make on-going payments in the service. You can use your debit card or credit card (Visa, Mastercard). For the purpose of the correct attachment of the card we will charge PLN 1.00 from this card and then we will refund it to you.

Remember to check the limits for Internet/telephone transactions at your bank. If they are set automatically at “PLN 0.00”, transactions will be impossible.

After completing all the above steps and verifying your data, your account will be active and you will have access to all Traficar app functionalities.

It typically takes not more than 15 minutes. In extraordinary situations, your account activation may take up to 24h.