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From which phone numbers will I receive one-time login codes?

If you enable two-step verification (two-factor authentication, 2FA) on your Traficar account, you will have to enter not only your login and password, but also a one-time SMS code when logging in. The code will be sent to your mobile phone number registered with Traficar.

We will send the code from the number:

  • named Traficar (when activating and deactivating the two-step verification service)
  • named CloudOTP (when logging into the Traficar application)
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How can I manage devices logged into my Traficar account?

You can manage the devices logged into your Traficar account by going to the side menu from the Traficar map and clicking on Edit Profile under your name. Then go to the Security tab and click on Devices. If you do not recognise any of the devices visible in the app, we strongly encourage you to select End all sessions. This will log you out of all devices, including the one you are currently using. Log back into the app. We also suggest you change your Traficar app password and enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). You can do this under Edit Profile -> Security. 2FA will require you to enter an SMS code (in addition to your username and password) every time you log in to the Traficar app.

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How do I enable two-step verification for my login (two-factor authentication)?

To enable Two-Factor Authentication, go to the Security tab in the Edit Profile menu of the Traficar app. Then click Two-Factor Authentication and confirm that it is enabled. Verify that the phone number displayed in the app is correct. This is crucial as 2FA SMS codes will be sent to this number. Once accepted, you will receive an SMS code that must be entered in the app. There is a time limit of 60 seconds to do this. If you do not enter the SMS code within 60 seconds, 2FA will not be activated on your account. If the time limit has expired, you can click on “Send code again” to receive a new code. Once you have entered the code, a screen notification will appear to confirm that the feature has been activated on your account. From now on, you will need to enter your login, password and a one-time SMS code sent to the phone number you provided in the app every time you log into Traficar.

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What is two-step login verification?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional feature to secure access to your Traficar account. If enabled, each time you log in to your Traficar account, you will not only be asked for your password and login but also a one-time SMS code that we will send to your mobile. If you close the Traficar app without logging, entering the SMS code or password will not be required when you open it again. The SMS code and password will be required if you log in on a new device or on a device where you have logged out of the Traficar app.

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How to ensure the security of my Traficar account?

Follow these tips to keep your Traficar account secure:
1. Ensure you use a unique password containing special characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers.
2. Never log in to the app on devices that you do not own.
3. Enable Traficar push notifications on your phone — this will allow you to receive all the important notifications about your account.
4. Enable push/SMS/e-mail notifications for new transactions on your bank account to monitor your card/account transactions.
5. Check your e-mail inbox regularly — we will send you e-mail notifications about logins from new devices and other important information about your account.
6. Check that your phone number is up to date. If not, update it in the app.

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How to create a good and secure application password?

A good password should meet all of the following recommendations:

Remember that your password should be complicated, preferably not related to you, your interests or work. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters when creating a password.

We strongly recommend that the password for the Traficar application be unique, different from the password for a bank, e-mail account or other application.

Change your password regularly.

Never share your password with anyone, even friends and family members.

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What e-mail addresses does Traficar send messages from?

User emails are sent from the following email addresses:







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How to check if an e-mail was sent by Traficar?

Each of the e-mail providers in the HELP section explains how to verify which e-mail address was sent to you. If you have a Gmail mailbox, below is support on how to check the sender of the message:  https://support.google.com/mail/answer/29436?hl=pl

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I received a message with the title: Logging in from a new device. What should I do?

If you have just logged in to a new device and the data indicated in the e-mail are familiar: login date and time, login country, login city, device type, IP address, you can ignore this message. If you have not logged in to the new device or do not recognize the data contained in the message, be sure to change the password in the application. To change your password, click Login and then Forgot password. You will receive an e-mail address with a link to the website www.traficar.pl, where you will be able to change your password to a new one.

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