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TrafiCargo - commercial vehicles

What licence is needed for driving a commercial car at Traficar?

All our cars offered as part of Traficar service are available for users with a B category driving licence, which authorises for driving cars with permissible maximum laden mass not exceeding 3.5 t.

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What are the advantages of commercial cars charged per kilometres?

First of all, they ensure independence, comfort and a cheap solution for transporting the furniture you bought. The time you wait for transport is also shorter! Just book a car and load your shopping, and go home. You do not have to call anywhere and search for transport companies. You do not have to wait for the first free date.

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Must I undergo additional verification to rent a commercial car?

If you are Traficar user, you do not have to do anything. All the cars are available to you. If you are not our user – a registration process is very simple. The first stage involves providing your personal data, taking the photo of your driving licence in the registration form available in the app and at www. Then log into your e-mail box and click the link sent by us in an e-mail. At this moment, your booking goes to our employee, which verifies the data provided by you and activates your account. We make our best so that this process does not exceed 1 hour (maximally 24 hours). If your driving licence photo is not clear or if it was not sent, we will contact you and ask for sending a clear photo.

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What is included in Traficar service price?

There are two rental types at Traficar:

  • Rental for the time you want- you pay for the kilometres covered and you pay a single starter fee.
    In addition, you can park your car by closing it with a key. Then, each minute will be charged with a parking fee based on the price list.
  • Rental for 24 h or longer – you pay for the kilometres covered and you pay a 24h rate which will be charged automatically with the commencement of each subsequent 24h. We do not charge a parking fee.

The price list is available in the fees tab.

The user is not charged with any additional costs connected with the service.

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What is the size of the loading compartment in the commercial car?

You can check the exact dimensions of commercial cars here https://traficar.pl/fleet/#cars-commercial-cars

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Where can I terminate my rental and park the commercial car?

Commercial vehicles are available in dedicated locations (often at large stores).

A vehicle rented from a dedicated location (e.g. Ikea) must be returned to the same place to avoid an additional fee. The additional fee of PLN 49.00 will be charged if you terminate your rental in any place outside the dedicated location within a given city.

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How can I book a commercial car at Traficar?

In order to book a vehicle, just activate Traficar app. Then go to the map view, where in the “Filter” tab you can select one of the available commercial vehicles or manually – searching all the cars available on the map. Commercial cars are marked with a navy blue pin. After selecting a specific vehicle, you can book it for 15 minutes – this is the time for reaching the car.

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How are the fees charged for Traficar commercial car?

Go to the “Fees” tab on our website, where you can find current rates for using Traficar services. In the app, rates are available in the “Price List” tab, in the side menu.

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